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Summers in the Seattle area are just hard to beat. Everyone associates Seattle with being wetter than the shark tank at Sea World. In the summer it is usually so dry here that forest fires become a frequent topic on the news. So what better time to gather up some of the local Volvo R guys for a drive.

Off to Mukilteo (about 30 minutes north of Seattle and near Boeing's plant for making all their widebody jets - 767, 777, 747 and soon the 787). Since I organized this drive (with a lot of helpful ideas from Tryge) I got to Mukilteo nice and early. I enjoyed some steaming hot latte while waiting for Joe, Frank and Tryge to show. Kevin was also with us briefly in his V70R (that's Volvo speak for wagon).

After the quick 20 minute ride from Mukilteo to Clinton we drove to Oak Harbor to hunt down some lunch. Actually we stopped in Clinton briefly to chat before Kevin and family headed to the beach.

A fine lunch was gathered up at Taco Bell/Pizza Hut (Joe was smart enough to bring lunch). 10 minutes later we were at Deception Pass; our lunch destination. After some heartburn it was off for a twisty road called Chuckanut Drive. Chuckanut Drive snakes its way from north of Mt Vernon up to Bellingham. Some stunning views of the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound and some fine corkscrew-type turns. We briefy stopped at state trooper barricks just north of Mt Vernon to wait for another member of the group - Daryl. I guess taking pictures of a trooper barrick in rural Washington state is not popular with at least one state tropper. What a shithead. So, be on the lookout for a maroonish-plum colored Chevy Impala in the Bellingham to Mt Vernon patrolling I-5.You know, nothing says international terrorist more than 5 Volvo drivers in Mt Vernon, WA. I wonder if he still has our license plates written down. This guy is a J-E-R-K. No sense of humor.

Anyway, we end the drive in Bellingham. A very enjoyable Saturday. I think we might have another drive soon!!

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