Camping - 1st day of school - Yankee game

Just a week after getting back from Norway we head out for a Labor Day camping trip with Randy, Tara, and Matthew Wolfe. The camping spot was just outside of LaConner, WA (in the beautiful San Juan Island region of WA State). The camper probably could have fit me somewhere, but I actually stayed outside in a tent. With a blow up mattress I was probably as comfortable as everyone else (except for having to crawl out of a sleeping bag on a chilly morning). We camped for 2 nights. The second night Sonja came out and kept me company in the tent.

The very next day after Labor Day it was school time. Time to start 2nd grade. Becky and I walk Sonja to the bus for the first day.

Even though my birthday is back in April, Becky got me tickets for Sonja and I to go to the Yankee-Mariners game on September 7th. We got a pleasant surprise when a nice couple offered us their extra tickets, so instead of being in the 300-section we ended up right behind home plate in the 130-section. Excellent, excellent seats. Not only that, the evening before I went to another Yankee game thanks to Roz having an extra ticket. Those seats were kick-ass as well. I've had a lucky weekend indeed...and Sonja and I got to finally enjoy a Yankee game together - too bad the Yanks lost :-(

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