6 weeks have come and gone since Olivia was born on Jan 2nd. She is growing rapidly. So time to grab some pictures.

President's Day weekend. Time to go for a little drive. Into the truck we go for a drive up to Bellingham. I pick Chuckanut Drive. This is the same road we used for the Volvo R drive last summer. Chuckanut Drive is only a few miles long, but it snakes along Puget Sound from just north of Burlington up to Bellingham. It's filled with twists and turns along with a nice view of Bellingham Bay (part of Puget Sound). Sonja and I were walking over to the playground at Larrabee Park when she slipped right into the mud. This was followed by drama worthy of Meryl Streep. Lunch in the quaint section of Bellingham called Fairview helped cheer Sonja up. Just before the drama I got a couple of really good pictures of Sonja. Enjoy!

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Sonja and Olivia 1 * 1375 x 1134 * (311KB)
Sonja and Olivia 2 * 1378 x 919 * (226KB)
I want milk NOW * 733 x 1000 * (163KB)
Are you sure * 1300 x 867 * (212KB)
  Sonja and Olivia 1  
  Sonja and Olivia 2  
  I want milk NOW  
  Are you sure  
No worries * 709 x 1004 * (195KB)
Puget Sound from Chuckanut Drive * 1425 x 950 * (471KB)
Denali and Puget Sound * 1425 x 950 * (418KB)
Chuckanut Drive * 1300 x 867 * (558KB)
  No worries  
  Puget Sound from Chuckanut Drive  
  Denali and Puget Sound  
  Chuckanut Drive  
My girl * 1225 x 817 * (170KB)
My Girl 2 * 770 x 1155 * (313KB)
Wind tested Pine * 800 x 1200 * (287KB)
Hint of Spring * 1300 x 867 * (475KB)
  My girl  
  My Girl 2  
  Wind tested Pine  
  Hint of Spring  
From Fairview * 767 x 1150 * (257KB)
Olivia * 718 x 1085 * (150KB)
  From Fairview  
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