Disney and LA

Sonja has been more than a little anxious to visit Disneyland for a while now. After all, how could a 7 year old girl not be?!? Ready with her autograph book she was in heaven visiting with the various Disney characters and going on the different rides. Let's see, she got autographs from - Ariel, Woody, Mickey, Minny, Pluto and Goofy. I'm sure I'm leaving a few off of the list. Sonja's favorite part of the trip, however, were all the various rides. The California Screamin' rollercoaster was wildly discussed time and time again. It was probably my favorite as well. Gotta love the instant acceleration when it launches you!

Becky and I also enjoyed ourselves. The weather was great (hey, it's Southern California!) and Olivia was content as well.

We also spent an afternoon with Kiff. He got to meet Olivia for the first time. Last time he saw Sonja was almost 4 years ago when we were on our way to the Cook Islands. After lunch we went to Griffith Park and Hollywood.

On the way home we stopped in Long Beach to have breakfast on the Queen Mary which almost caused us to be late for our flight out of LAX. Dropping the rental "car" off took some time. By the way, anyone thinking of buying a Jeep Compass - Don't! Of all the cars I have rented over the last few years, this was the biggest piece of crap I've driven. The engine not only sounds like a garbage disposal but it is so lacking in power you wonder if you'll ever reach highway speeds. The interior has some of the most shockingly cheap plastic I've even encounter. Even worse, the whole interior is covered with it. How could Chrysler let this car out to the public!!??!! The final straw is the weird bloated styling. But hey, it was great trip. Everyone had fun!

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