Bye Bye Mustard Seed

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In September 2002 we moved from Fort Lee, NJ and the NYC area to Seattle. A big move. One of my first priorities was to find daycare for Sonja. We had been very lucky to find excellent care near our house in Fort Lee, so my standards were high for Seattle. It's too bad that Sonja will never remember the care she got from Mama Maria in Fort Lee. I visited about 10 daycares on the eastside of the Seattle. I ended up coming back to the second daycare that I visited. Mustard Seed had a nice homey feel that I've always liked. Pat and her staff do an excellent job. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for daycare in the Bellevue area to take a look at Mustard Seed.

Sonja spent three years here and made several friends. Becky and I made some friends as well. But life is full on transition and Sonja has come to her first major milestone by starting kindergarden. Thanks for the memories Pat.

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