Holiday pictures 2007

Christmas 2007 and Sonja's 7th b-day! My 40th celebration and also the 3rd Christmas without my mother. Time just seems to be moving ahead at warp speed.

Pappa, Becky and I took Sonja to see the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in downtown Seattle a few days before Christmas. What a perfect way to kick off the Holiday. It really was an incredible performance. The various sets were specatularly created and just a visual feast. I hope to go back soon with both Sonja and Olivia.

Next it was time to pile into the Denali for the 3 hour drive down to Portland. Of course it is more like a 5 hour drive due to heavy holiday traffic and pit stops. Love that Arby's lunch in Centralia!

Sissel and Roz did another great job of hosting Christmas. Lot's of presents including 2(!!) GPS's, just 1 Wii game, lots of DVD's and once slick leather coat for Becky (that I bought back at Century 21 in downtown Manhattan).

Time for some birthday cake on the 25th to celebrate my little girl's 7th. Wow, 7! More presents. Amazing how we can fill a Denali with gifts and laundry.

Something a little unusal for a Seattle-Portland X-mas - some actual snow fell on Christmas Day. Of course I forgot to take a picture. The snow was short-lived as we drove north from Portland back towards Seattle. The usual Dec. rain came back. Too bad, I miss white Christmas'.

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