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Vern came for another visit in Mid June. After watching his beloved Mets gets crushed by the Mariners, we took a relaxing trip up to Campbell River, BC.

Vancouver Island is an outdoors paradise. Just look at the pictures of the bald eagles. Never have I seen so many in one spot. Like the guide said, all the cool bald eagles in the area know about this magical fishing spot. A combination of the currents produce a pool of water where the fish are plenty and so are the eagles. We also saw a black bear and some Pacific Dolphins, which swam repeatedly under our boat Just playing with us! These guys were so damn fast. According to our guide, these dolphins are second only to the Blue Tuna in speed.

It was a pretty cool nature boat trip. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Campbell River is a cozy little town filled with fishing vessels and surrounded by Pacific Northwest's typical natural beauty. The ferry ride is about two hours from mainland BC followed by a two hour drive north.

Eagle Eye Adventures did an excellent job on the four-hour trip. Besides the animals we also cruised through rapids and even over large whirpools - which is pretty cool to see in person.

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Waiting for the Ferry from Twassassan to Vancouver Island
6/21/05 7:50 PM, 404 KB

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I can't reach the gas pedal
6/21/05 7:54 PM, 352 KB

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Sonja doesn't seem to be enjoying the 2 hour ferry ride on the Queen of Alberni
6/21/05 7:57 PM, 262 KB

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Plumbers Class of 2018
6/21/05 7:59 PM, 155 KB

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Uncle Vern making a political statement
6/21/05 8:03 PM, 163 KB

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Just amazing shades of gray and blue with the mountains on Vancouver Island peeking through
6/21/05 8:08 PM, 418 KB

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Near Campbell River, BC - where we stayed for two nights
6/21/05 8:13 PM, 334 KB

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More Northwest gray looking out from Vancouver Island near Campbell River
6/21/05 8:19 PM, 354 KB

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View from our cabin at dusk
6/21/05 8:31 PM, 377 KB

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Inside of our cabin, Becky is standing in the bedroom
6/23/05 7:49 PM, 350 KB

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Sonja anxious to use the jetted tub
6/23/05 7:50 PM, 202 KB

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Our ride for the Whale, Bald Eagle, Bear and Dolphin 4 hour boat trip
6/23/05 7:55 PM, 450 KB

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