LA & Mt Rainier

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Finally I needed to go to LA for work. We have an office in Glendale. Of course, a trip to LA isn't complete without a visit with Kiff. Last time I spent a couple of days with Kiff was shortly after 9/11/01, so I was overdue for a trip.

Kiff you are the jokester. I thought we were just going to pick up some props for your rehersal. Little did I know you were setting me up to meet Walter Koenig at his house in Burbank. It was however extremely cool to walk around "Chekov's" house.

I had a great time. Look forward to doing it again soon.

About a week later Vern comes out for his annual visit. This time the main diversion was a day-trip to Mt. Rainier National Park. We also went to two Mariners game (well, I went to one of them). Both were losses, BTW. The weather was incredible for Vern's visit. The end of September is usually nice, but this year it has been beyond approach.

As usual, we enjoyed having you here. Now it's time for the Yankees to kick some Met ass (hopefully!).

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