Has it really been a year since we went to Whistler? Olivia just turned one, so I guess it is true. My first trip with these guys four years ago was to Lake Tahoe and here we are again.

As usual Ron is the Captain who organizes the trip. Coming along was Joel, Tufts, Becker, Curt, Randy and me. Joel drove out from Wisconsin in his "winter rat", an Audi A3. Some winter rat!! Unfortunately Joel hurt his knee the day before I arrived and didn't ski thereafter. He was kind enough to pick me up at the airport in Reno. Ron, Joel, and I are the only ones who have made the last 4 trips (Lake Tahoe, Telluride, Whister and Lake Tahoe again). Becker and Tufts made it back this year. Last time I saw the two of them was at the Telluride trip (which might have been the best ski conditions of the 4 trips). Curt came down from Alaska. His last trip was Lake Tahoe 4 years ago. Last but certainly not least Randy came as well. As usual Randy spent his day doing everything but skiing.

The first day of skiing actually sucked. We drove over to Sierra Tahoe. Plenty of snow, but it also rained with fog and hail for good measure. Not a good day of skiing. The next day at Heavenly was brilliant. The top point of Heavenly is approx. 10,100 feet. Good snow that high. Excellent day of skiing followed by several of hours at the casino's. A good way to spend a day. Someone,however, wasn't as lucky. See the picture of the helicopter that actually landed far up on the mountain to pick up a skier that had been badly hurt. Heavenly is actually were Sonny Bono died back in 1998 skiing head first into a tree and ending up with a branch that went through his eye.

Next day we went back to Heavenly. It snowed but this gave us a fresh coating of powder. We skied until just after noon when it was time to get ready for the Seahawks game. We should have kept skiing. Ugh!

Well another year of skiing has come and gone. I hope to make it 5 for 5 in the winter of '09.

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Lake Tahoe 08


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