London Nov 2001 1/1

Fall 2001 from London

Fall is a great time to travel to Europe, especially from New York. Sonja was almost 1 and she hadn't been out of the country yet. Time to get working on her passport stamp! This was her first international destination. Since then Sonja has been to Sweden, Cook Islands, France, Denmark, Germany and various places in the US. Soon she will be able to add Hawaii and hopefully Norway this summer. So off for a few days in London. These pictures are pre-digital for me so the quality is pretty marginal.

The trip was over Thanksgiving Weekend 2001. We flew from Newark to Heathrow and spent 3 nights in London. A short but fun trip!

London Bus, Nov 2001

Parliamnet & Big Ben at night, Nov 2001

Sonja and I near Big Ben, Nov 2001


In front of Tower Bridge

Little Sonja and me by Trafalgar Square