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I've always been a fan of Maine (in the summer!). So when Unum wants me to train for a week back at the home office in the middle of summer I am just fine with that. However, Vern was supposed to visit Seattle the same week. The solutions - bring Sonja, Olivia and Becky with me to Portland. The bummer is that I have to work while those guys are having fun. Usually the weather is perfect each time we've visited Maine, but this time it was pretty wet for the first few days. But the last few days were perfect. As usual, a trip to the Portland area isn't complete without a visit to LL Bean (just north in Freeport) and of course maybe the most photographed light house in the US - The Portland Head Light. Since I was busy with work I didn't take as many pictures as usual. Sorry, no pictures of Old Port and all the other neat areas in or surrounding Portland.

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