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Memorial Day weekend 2006 was wet. My morning shower is usually drier. Actually on Monday, Mother Nature relented a little, so off we went to Poulsbo.

Becky, Sonja, my father and I jump into the Denali and drove to Seattle to get on to the ferry that takes us to Bainbridge Island. It is a 30 minute ferry ride followed by a 12 mile drive to Poulsbo. Lunch time! Then walking & shopping time. Next a drive to Bremerton ( a naval city about 20 minutes from Poulsbo). Time for another ferry ride back to Seattle and home to Sammamish.

Unless you live here in the Seattle area, you probably didn't know that Poulsbo is built around its Norwegian heritage. In fact, a lot of the street names are called VEI (Norwegian for street). It is also a good place for me to buy Scandinavian goods like salty licorice (which is collectively hated in my office).

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