Snowy Snoqualmie

This winter Seattle had really lived up to its reputation of being a wet city. Since Thanksgiving we've had less than 10 sunny days! The urge to move to Hawaii is pretty strong. Just for fun, it's also been colder and more stormy than normal. So what happens to all that rain that falls in Seattle when you head up into the Cascade Mountains? This year it has turned into an incredible amount of snow. So far this winter about 400 inches of snow has fallen. That's 33 feet or roughly 10 meters!

So it was time to check this out. The I-90 pass has been closed a lot lately due to avalanche danger. In fact, all three roads out of Western Washington have been closed a fair amount this winter due to avalanches. The cost to the economy, they say, is about $700,000 per hour!

Time to jump into the Denali and drive about 40 miles east of our house in Sammamish. It was actually rainy and nasty up there today. The altitude at Snoqualmie Pass is just over 3,000 feet (915 meters). I'm glad I wasn't skiing since it was foggy with a rain/sleet mix. Not pleasant. Windy too.

We are very ready for summer this year. It's been a wet winter!

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