Princess Sonja Prince and Princesses - fromt left to right - Madison, Emma, Sofia, Elisa, Sonja, Amelia, Luke and Ian Madison Brodahl Milena Brodahl Milena having fun without the rest of the Princess and Princesses Lauren looking cuter than Snowhite Lisa, Nigel (in a trance), Mary and Ingrid Princess Lauren and me AnnMarie, Mary, Lisa, Leora, Ian and Pina sneaking into the picture Sonja dances while Milena guards the gifts Gift Time! Sonja gets these cool lights from Lauren Claire's turn Luke helping out Charlie showing off his moves Getting Angelina Ballerina  Uno from Chiara, Sofia and  Elisa Emma, Sonja and 8 other Princesses Amelia waiting for her turn Need a doctor or a Dentist Best Birthday picture of Sonja! Wasn't Ian King last year as well All that playing makes for hungry kids (notice not a single kid has any veggies on their plate)

Sonja's 5th Birthday Party!

It is hard to believe another year has gone by since I was taking pictures at Sonja's 4th birthday party at the Seattle Children's Museum.

This year we had the party in Sammamish at the Pine Lake Club. In other words, we had the party at our gym. Yup, our gym also does children's parties. And they did a good job.

This year Sonja wanted a Princess party. With Ian, Charlie and Luke being there it was also a Prince party. Of course Sonja's friend's Sofia, Chiara and Elisa from across the street where there again this year. Along with the kids from Mustard Seed (the daycare, not the bar in Bellevue!), we also had some new friends from Sonja's ballet class. Of course Sonja's actual birthday is on the 25th. It is still amazing to me that she is about to turn 5. It doesn't seem that long since the 25th of Dec. 2000 in Englewood, NJ.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts!!! See you next year.

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