Sonja 8th birthday party

Unusually cold weather has been blanketing the area, but the pool at the Pine Lake Club is nice and warm. Good thing since Sonja and some of friends were celebrating her 8th birthday splashing and swimming. This year we had Melana and Madison Brodahl make the trek over from West Seattle. Melana and Madison have known Sonja now for about 5 years. Thanks for coming over Mary and Erik. And nice shirt Mary!

Claire has also known Sonja for several years. Indria, of course, lives up the street. Ishika is a school friend of Sonja. Same with Angela. Shannon also lives up the street from us.

Several kids couldn't make, and of course the Shultze girls have been back in Germany now for over a year. Sonja misses them both.

Happy 8th Sonja!

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