Red Hook Volvo GTG March 2008

Time for a bunch of us Volvo R owners to meet up again. Just like last time we met at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, WA. Meeting in March in the Seattle area is usually unpredictable from a weather point of view. This year was no exception. It rained hard driving over. Shortly it would be partly sunny, followed by more rain.

Here are links to other recent meetings:

Dec 2005 at Red Hook - my first GTG - Click here for the link

August 2006 - A really fun drive. Beautiful summer weather. Good company, incredible Pacific NW scenery. Click here for the link

March 2007 - A year ago we had the big meeting at Red Hook again. 18 R's!! Same crappy late winter weather. Click here for the link

This year the following Swedespeed'ers came out to play:

Barry -aka Barrysharp - 2007 titanium S60R

Tryg - aka RainyS60R - 2004 titanium S60R

Joe - aka StaggRLee - 2004 Silver S60R

Steve - aka Lead Foot 60 - 2005 Flash Green V70R

Kevin - aka KR900 - 2004 Titanium V70R

Me - aka Flybynight - 2006 Sonic Blue S60R with Moose!

**and some new guys**

Travis - aka TravZilla - 2004 Titanium S60R

Joe - aka BadMoJoe - 2006 Titanium S60R

It was definitely a gray day - Volvo's and sky.

Also great to meet Brian - BEJinFbk - all the way from Fairbanks. Brian was traveling through.

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