Christmas 2005

Another Christmas come and gone. Like last year we all went down to Sissel and Roz's house in Portland, OR. As usual Sonja got a ton of gifts. On Christmas morning (her actual birthday) she got even more present. The Volvo looked like a toy store on the drive back to Sammamish.

Jake, Carol and my father also came down, but this was our second Christmas without my mother. Since Jake took all these pictures with his camera, you'll notice he is missing in all the shots.

Time for 2006!!

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Getting ready to attack Roz's ribs for dinner

Can we open the gifts now

Meet Mocha - a Genuine Kick-me-Dog

Opening gifts can be fun

Sonja getting about a million gifts

Surrounded by gifts

Someone seems to like Mickey

Sonja's gift parade continues on her birthday

Getting a winter coat

Wow, I'm 5 now

What is all this strange music on this Ipod

Future chess champion

JAlbum 5.2