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From 1967 to the 2000's

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These pictures literally span the World and represent a lot of the areas I have lived over the years. Mostly you will see picture from my days from my home country of Norway and from years of living in New York State. There are also pictures from my days in Michigan, Alaska and our current home in the state of Washington. I have enjoyed scanning and repairing these pictures.
A lot of good memories for me.

Row 1

On this first page you see:
1 - My Diamant bike. This picture was taken in 1974 in Gjovik, Norway.
2 - First day of school. I think my hair was at its absolute blonde peakness. This is also in Gjovik.
3 - Cowboy outfit formely worn by my brother. 1971 in Auburn, NY
4 - Summer 1974 in Gjovik. Our poddle Lizzy is sitting on my Mom's lap.
5- Real early days. Age 5 months to 8 months old. Yes, I was a rather fat baby
6 - 17th of May, 1976. Getting ready to go "tog". Every Independence Day in Norway school kids parade waiving flags. You usually get dressed up (at least back in those days).
7 -Suddenly it is 1993 in Anchorage, Alaska. On Thanksgiving I rented a 4x4 to drive around. This truck would see abusive behavior over a 24-hour period!

Row 2

1 - Alesund, Norway. Becky and I are honeymooning. Storm clouds were moving in making for a dramatic sky and cool picture.
2 - Back to Anchorage. Lucy was just a few months olds and very much a puppy.
3 - Becky's Nephews Andrew and Kyle. Picture was taken at the Detroit Zoo during the spring of 1997.
4- Andrew and Kyle playing with Becky at their house in Parkersburg, West Virginia. If I remember correctly, this was the same day Lady Di had a little mishap in a Paris tunnel.
5 - Riding new tricycle outside our house in Auburn, NY.
6 - Our first day back home in Norway in 1972. My mother's parents, and my mother's friend Randi are also in the picture.
7 - Fast forward to Auburn, NY in 2001. At Max and Gwyn's wedding I snapped this picture of Keith along with his sister Tracy and their mom. Keith, what happened to the goatee?

Row 3

1 - During the couple of years we loved in Detroit, I was so happy to escape to Toronto, one of my favorite cities. Here Becky is up in the CN Tower. Look down to see the ground!
2 - Back at the Detroit Zoo, Becky and Donna.
3 - One of my favorite pictures of Becky. In the background is one of the many glaciers in Norway. This was during our honeymoon.
4 - Outside our apartment in Novi, Michigan. The Z-28 would go bye-bye when we moved to New York/New Jersey in 2000
5 - Becky and friends shortly before she moved back to the US from several years in Japan. This picture was in Nagoya in 1997.
6 - Halloween in New York. Yup, Dave didn't have a costume so he came as Static Cling. Once again, wanting to get out of Detroit as often as possible, we were visiting one of the three areas I have truly called home over the years (Norway, New York and Seattle).
7 -Just a day or so before heading off to college at SUNY Albany. Jacob was visiting from New Jersey.

Row 4

1 - Bergen in 1998 from our honeymoon.
2 - Also in Bergen during our honeymoon.
3 - Gjendevatnet (Gjende Lake). We walked about halfway up to Besseggen (you can see part of Besseggen on the right in the picture). Honeymoon trip.
4 - My grandparent in 1978 at their house in Myrvoll, about 40 minutes outside of Oslo
5 - Besta in her garden. The prior picture was from inside the house. Picture is from 1971
6 - Besta on her 90th birtday. That is Randi sitting with her. Here they are in 1972
7 - Saddly, Besta would only live a little over a year longer. She was my grandparent I spent the most time with over the years.

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