Skiing at Timberline

Finally the sun has come back to the Northwest. After a record breaking amount of rainfull which has dumped a ton of snow in the mountains it is time to enjoy some skiing.

It is tough to follow up the awesome skiing I did in Colorado last month, but with all the snow the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington have gotten this winter, I have to at least try. I skied at Snoqualmie Pass a couple of weeks ago. Snoqualmie Pass is only 30 minutes from our house, so it has a major convience factor going for it. There was plenty of snow, but plenty of people and fog too. Not my favorite combo. But still it's so damn close...

So time to head south to Sissel's house outside of Portland. Roz, Camille, Chris and I drove up to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. I think this is my 4th time skiing up there. It is as scenic as Colorado - if not more so - but a little icy today. With the warm sun comes overnight ice. Still, with so much snow the skiing was decent.

Mt. Hood is the talles mountain in Oregon. It is one of the many high peaks in the Cascade Mountains (the highest being Mt. Rainier in Washington).It stands 3,429 meters high (11,249 feet). On a clear winter day it is an amazing place to be. The lodge is pretty rustic looking. The perfect spot to make the movie version of Stephen King's The Shining. If you haven't seen Stanley Kubrick's erie film; you should. Jack Nicholson and Stanley Kubrick make for one freakin' scary movie.

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Mt Hood which is about 11250 feet high - note the Palmer chairlift on the left where you can sometimes ski to July Looking south towards Mt Jefferson on a nice clear day for skiing, but a little icy A great view of the peak from the lift - not many skiers yet More great view - ski patrol going up in front of us - Palmer lift in front of us which takes you way up the mountain Closer view of Palmer Lift - a little extra color added to dramatize the sky Looking south - Mt Jefferson in the background and the lodge in the foreground Timberline Lodge will look familiar if you have Stanley Kubricks movie The Shining That Pacific NW rain turns to a LOT of snow in the mountains Roz drove his SUV up to Mt Hood Chris & Mocha

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