Working class creatures...            

Muffin My name is Muffin and I'm the Alpha around here. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
More Muffin classics...
Breed: Samoyed.
Lucy My name is Lucy and I'm totally untrainable. However, I'll dig lots of holes in your yard if you want... and maybe even if you don't want.
Breed: Malamute.
Midnite Update: Midnite is no longer with us as he has passed on. RIP.
My name is Midnite. I really love attention and friends... even though I bark at everybody. I am originally from New Jersey where I used to hang out in the basement of Bell Labs. Luckily for me, a good samaritan rescued me and I was able to relocate myself to the Pacific Northwest.
Breed: Whatever-you-want-me-to-be.
Shep My name is Shep. I lived my life on the Tulalip Indian Reservation and used to hang out with Muffin every once in a while. There is no friendlier dog than me. The only thing I ever wanted was a nice home and some decent owners. Too bad... I almost made it, but it was too late. Shep died on the operating table due to internal injuries before he could truly join our canine group.
Breed: German Shepard.